Design/Build Can Speed Your Home Renovation


Do you have an idea about how you’d like your home to look? If you are imagining a new addition, kitchen or bath, you are probably eager to see it become reality. That’s why Pritchett Brothers Construction is the ideal choice for your Bloomington home remodeling project.

We utilize an efficient and time-saving design/build process in which we begin the construction phase of the project while still completing the design. Our extensive experience – almost fifty years! — gives us the ability to successfully manage this dual track process.

Faster to the Finish

Working hand-in-hand with our design team, our construction crews are able to order materials and perform preliminary work while construction blueprints are being finalized. This speeds the entire process and reduces both the amount of time you have to wait for your new room, and can also reduce the overall cost. Because Pritchett Brothers Construction controls all scheduling and the quality of the materials and installation services, your dream home or addition is completed on time and on budget!

Additional advantages of using design/build process are:

  • Better Budgeting
    Guaranteed construction costs are known earlier than in other building systems. Decisions can be made during the design of the project to reduce costs.
  • Cost Savings
    Because we are involved in both the design and construction phases, we can better evaluate materials and methods needed to achieve the best results. That means no hidden costs.
  • Professional Design
    Instead of rough sketches, the design of your custom home or addition will be approved and stamped by a qualified engineer and will include electrical, plumbing, structural detail and elevations of the exterior and/or interior.
  • Single Source of Responsibility
    With both design and construction in Pritchett Brothers’ hands, we become the single point of responsibility for the quality, cost and completion of your project. This simplified communications and ensure that your input will be heard.

Let’s get started on your design/build project today!

Let Bloomington home builders at Pritchett Brothers Construction help you realize the dream you have for your home, faster and more affordably through our design/build process.

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