Why Remodel a Bathroom?


A bathroom that is old and suffering from serious problems like creaking floors, leaky fixtures, falling tiles and stained bathtub is an obvious candidate for renovation. But there are other, equally valid reasons for remodeling your bathroom that are not so dire. These include cramped conditions, lack of storage space, comfort and aesthetics. Not to mention the positive affect a new bathroom will have on your home’s value.

Here are some ideas to consider from the Bloomington bathroom remodeling experts at Pritchett Brothers Construction.

Space, the Final Frontier

In any home, a bathroom is a high traffic area. With daily use, things wear down and wear out. Faucets, sinks, plumbing fixtures, fans, tile – all eventually need to be replaced. You want to make sure your bathroom is fully functional for your family. An expert bathroom designer from Pritchett Brothers Construction can help you maximize the available space so that your bathroom is less cramped and crowded.

Enhanced Home Value

A remodeled bathroom is one of the top home remodeling projects in terms of return on investment. A new bathroom can increase the value of your home, and will be a key selling point if you ever decide to move.

Make It Look Good

Some people like the “retro” look of fixtures, materials and colors from the 1960s and 1970s. But if your bathroom has its original parts from that era, it is time for an update. Replacing old flooring, walls, and fixtures with a fresh new look is a great way to increase the comfort and functionality of your bathroom.

Accommodate Family Changes

Is your family growing with new members? Are you adult children still living at home? Or have your children moved out and you now have the house to yourselves? Changes in family status may also require changes in the layout of your bathroom. More people demands more storage space, while “empty nesters” may desire a more luxurious spa-like bathroom. Aging in place can also be accommodated with senior-friendly fixtures such as a walk-in tub.

Its Just Time for a Change

Even if your current bathroom is functional, you may want a fresh new look and style. Today’s materials and new features in lighting, flooring and fixtures can give you a beautifully updated bathroom that combines comfort, functionality and style.

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