Energy Savings Start with Replacement Windows in Bloomington!


Are your old windows costing you money? Can you afford to allow one-third of the money you spend on heating and cooling to simply fly out the windows of your home?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) inefficient windows account for 30% or more of the loss of a home’s heating and cooling energy. Older windows that are poorly designed, constructed and installed allow heat energy to pass through easily, reducing efficiency and increasing your monthly heating and cooling bills.

An easy way to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient is to have Pritchett Brothers Construction replace your old, drafty windows with high performance, thermally efficient replacement windows from the nation’s most trusted window manufacturers: Pella and Marvin.

Advanced Materials Mean Energy Savings

Modern replacement windows are engineered to be very energy efficient, greatly reducing the exchange of heat from outside to inside your home. They accomplish this in several ways:

  • Advanced glass packages – Double- and triple-pane glass is sandwiched around a narrow void filled with an inert gas (usually argon or krypton) that acts as a highly effective thermal barrier. The inside pane is warm to the touch, even on the coldest day!
  • Low-E glass – Glass packages are also available with a low-e (low emissivity) glass coating, a thin metal coating that reflects harmful UV rays from entering your home. Low-e glass also helps to reflect heated or conditioned air back into the interior.
  • Insulated frame – Using advanced materials, including vinyl and fiberglass that can be clad in a wood finish, our window frames also help reduce energy transfer to help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer all winter long.
  • Custom fit – Our windows are sized precisely for your home and installed snugly to prevent the creation of gaps or cracks that allow outside air to enter your home.
  • Superior seals – Seals around the frame and sash are made of advanced materials that effectively block air exchange.

Not only will you save money, Bloomington replacement windows from Pella or Marvin are also attractive, maintenance-free and come in a variety of styles. Pritchett Brothers Construction is the expert in replacement windows Bloomington homeowners have trusted since 1963.

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