How to Tell if You Need a New Roof


A tree crashing through your roof, snow drifting into your attic, or a puddle of water in your living room are all easily recognizable signs that your roof is failing. However, not all signs of serious damage are that obvious. Small leaks and cracks can go unnoticed, but, as time passes, they can lead to more extensive and expensive problems.

As the roofing contractor Bloomington residents trust to protect their homes from the weather, Pritchett Brothers Construction has inspected thousands of roofs over the past five decades. We know how to spot the signs of potential problems and pending roof failure.

Below, we’ve provided a list of “red flags” to look for when assessing the structural integrity of a roof:

  1. Missing or loose shingles
  2. Dark stains on the underside of the roof deck (in the attic)
  3. Loss of granules from asphalt shingles  (they collect in gutters)
  4. Streaking along exterior walls
  5. Ice dams forming in gutters or along roof’s edge
  6. Excessive mold or moss growth on shingles
  7. Staining on interior ceilings or walls

Climbing up on your home’s roof to check for these indicators yourself can be dangerous, and is not recommended. Instead contact Pritchett Brothers Construction today to schedule an in-home consultation on the health of your roof.

For nearly half a century our expert Bloomington roofers have been rescuing families from the dangers of a failing roof. We can inspect your roof for these same signs. We will then provide you with a full written report on the health of your roof, along with our suggestions for action.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your roof, don’t delay! Waiting could result in costlier roof repairs. Contact Pritchett Brothers Construction today for a free roof inspection.

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