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The home building process is an exciting one for each our clients. After years of imagining and a lengthy design process, they finally see the home of their dreams created right before their eyes. Our passion for building homes keeps us very enthusiastic about the process as well. This enthusiasm translates into a building process that is efficient and timely, while maintaining the high level of quality that has come to be expected of our Bloomington contractors.

After we have finalized the design and it has been approved by you, the homeowner, our team of expert homebuilders will immediately go to work creating from the design. From the basement to the roof, we have the years of experience and training necessary to build a home to the exact specifications of the design. And because we don’t use sub-contractors, you will know that the people working on your home are Pritchett Brothers Construction experts. We pride ourselves in our professional, courteous staff.

Custom homes take time, and every time a home that is not fully constructed is left open to the elements problems can arise. Water that leaks into openings can settle and cause damage before the home is even finished. At Pritchett Brothers Construction we understand these dangers, and every time we leave a work site we take the necessary precautions in waterproofing and sealing our project.

We also understand that you don’t want excess construction materials and waste all over your property when moving into your dream home. That is why our homebuilders will not leave the work site until it is entirely cleaned up, and even support our dumpsters with sturdy boards to protect the piece of your property that it sits on from damage.

It is this attention to every detail of construction that has gained us a reputation as the most respected Bloomington homebuilder.

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