Why Refinish My Basement?


When you hear the word “basement,” does a cold, damp storage space come to mind? Basements have not always been thought of as a space for living or entertaining. However, by refinishing your Bloomington basement, you can add living space onto your home that delivers a warm, comfortable place that can serve almost any purpose for your family.

Refinishing a basement can open up an entirely new area of your home by making better use of existing space. The whole idea behind basement refinishing is to utilize the space you already have. At Pritchett Brothers Construction we can turn a cold, dark basement into a livable area for you and your family to enjoy. Our professional refinishers can turn this frequently underutilized space into a wide range of comfortable, useful rooms.

Each of these rooms can open up vital space in your home that you’ve always desired. With simple renovations you could be entertaining more guests than you previously thought possible, providing a bedroom for growing children, or relaxing in your media room watching the big game.

Whatever your reason for refinishing, Pritchett Brothers Construction has the years of experience and professional skills necessary to turn your basement from an unused or storage space into an inviting area for family and guests. Since 1963 we have been providing our neighbors with quality refinishing services, and have gained a reputation as the most respected home remodelers in Bloomington.

Thinking of refinishing your basement? Contact Pritchett Brothers Construction today. We can help you decide how to better use the space that your basement takes up in your home.

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