Basement Refinishing from Top to Bottom


Remodeling your basement is a big project, and depending on how you to choose to use the space it could require a wide range of services. From flooring, to insulation, to plumbing and electrical work, you need the help of experts in order to feel confident that your basement will be safe and long lasting.

At Pritchett Brothers Construction we coordinate every aspect of basement remodeling you may need, eliminating the need to find a separate contractor for each part of your basement refinishing project. That’s one reason we’re the top home remodelers in Bloomington!

Finding and hiring different sub-contractors for every facet of your basement refinishing job is both costly and time consuming. Pritchett Brothers Construction covers the full range of services you need. We either have in-house experts or we will use our trusted sub-contractors who have been working with our company for years. This saves you the hassle, time and money it takes to find reliable contractors. We will cover the full scope of services it will take to design and build the basement of your dreams.

At Pritchett Brothers construction, many of our subcontractors have been working with us for more than 20 years. We trust them to work on our own homes, so we trust them to provide quality service to our clients and neighbors in the Bloomington area.

Don’t hire five different contractors to complete one basement refinishing project! Make one call to Pritchett Brothers Construction today. We coordinate all parts of the job while you relax and watch your unfinished basement as it is transformed into the comfortable space you and your family have always envisioned.

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